Freecell is a solitaire game. You can see in the game interface that the system divides all cards into eight desktop stacks, while there are four foundation piles in the upper right corner of the screen and four cells in the top left corner. You need to arrange them all in order so that you can win the game.

The specific rules of Freecell

When you enter the Freecell, you need to sort the eight desktop stacks in the interface in different colors from large to small. Four stacks of cards beginning with A can place in the foundation pile at the top right. If you can’t sort the eight desktop stacks, you can strategically move the cards in the four cells in the upper left corner, so that you can sort the cards better.

Other settings for Freecell

You can choose the degree of difficulty for Freecell according to your ability. Whether it is simple or intricate, you need to be very aware of the overall situation, considering the global card can better complete the game. If you are in the process of sorting, something goes wrong, that is, you want to go back on your word. You can click Undo to return to the previous operation, thus allowing you to play the game better.

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